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Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week 2023

March 28–31, 2023

The metaverse is helping fashion houses, designers and brands pioneer new technologies, ecosystems and economic models.

On March 28 – 31, 2023 Decentraland Fashion Week (MVFW) will open the door to stunning possibilities and a big diversity of aesthetics, products and interactions to unframe fashion from our screens like never before.

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MVFW 2023.

Case Study: #DCLMVMF22

First-ever live and interactive content broadcasts in the metaverse:

● Avg. watch time per user = 6 min
● 10 TB content data received by DCLMVMF participants
● All CTAs received 100.000 views on average

About Decentraland Fashion Week 2023

Metaverse Fashion Week

Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) will be held from March 28-31, 2023, concluding the Spring/Summer Fashion season on virtual catwalks.

Pioneered by Decentraland and UNXD, a leading immersive art & culture platform, in collaboration with the Spatial and OVER metaverses, MVFW23 invites the global community to experience the latest advancements in metaversal interoperability and digital fashion.

The curatorial theme of MVFW23 is ‘Future Heritage,’ a challenge to connect the next generation of creators and traditional fashion designers, showing the potential of fashion to bridge realities and worlds.

This second edition of the MVFW will expand to the next level through:

  • Bringing together open metaverses to build the first cross-platform fashion experience
  • Amazing showcases of the next-generation designers