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How to embed YouTube chat on a website

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Use doWow to embed live YouTube chat on your website and run engaging Q&As

Audience engagement is an integral part of any event. By embedding YouTube Chat on your website, you will be able to direct traffic onto your website and retain your audience’s attention. This tutorial guides you step by step how to integrate YouTube Chat in your doWow media wall.

Learn to integrate YouTube chat step-by-step

How to embed YouTube chat on a website

Step 1

Copy the URL from your chosen YouTube Live video. 

How to embed YouTube chat on a website

Step 2

Next, go to app.dowow.tv and select “YT Chat” as a content source, and paste the URL into the search bar. 

How to embed YouTube chat on a website

Step 3

Click “+” to add the video to your content stream.

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Step 4

Now we can add the YouTube Chat to our event media wall.

Draw a tile on the media wall and click on it to add the YT Chat playlist.

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Step 5

Now save your media wall and select the share button.

Click on “embed” and grab the code. 

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Step 6

Paste the HTML code on your website. 

Amazing! You have successfully embedded YouTube Chat into your website. 

Video tutorial: YouTube chat integration

Follow this tutorial to embed YouTube chat on your media wall. It takes only a minute!

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