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How to embed Spotify

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Keep your virtual event attendees entertained with Spotify playlists.

Keep your event attendees entertained with embedded Spotify playlists. Adding a Spotify playlist will enable your audience to simply click play to enjoy the music. This tutorial guides you step by step how to integrate Spotify in your doWow media wall.

How to embed Spotify

Step 1: Get the Spotify embed link

Grab the embed link from the Spotify playlist. To do this, go to your Spotify playlist, click on share and then select “embed”.

How to embed Spotify

Step 2: Copy the Spotify embed link

Click on “show code: and copy the link from the embed code.

How to embed Spotify

Step 3: Create a playlist and paste your Spotify link

Next, go to app.dowow.tv and add a new playlist, select iframe module, and paste the embed link into the search bar.

Here is your Spotify playlist!

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Step 4: Add the Spotify playlist to the media wall

Click “plus” to add to the playlist to your content stream.

How to embed Spotify

Step 5: Rename your Spotify playlist

Playlists can be renamed accordingly to indicate the type of content they contain.

How to embed Spotify

Step 6: Set up your Spotify media wall

Now let’s add this playlist with Spotify music to our event media wall.
Draw a tile and just click on it to add your Spotify playlist to the media wall. Remember to save.

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Step 7: Add the Spotify media wall to your website

Copy the link to your media wall and let’s check it out. Looks nice!

Now you know how to embed Spotify lists on doWow with the iframe feature!

Video tutorial: Spotify Playlist Integration

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