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Zoom hacks for event managers

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Enhance your Zoom meetings and webinars like never before!

Standard Zoom events or webinars are boring, right? Use these four tips and tricks to create customised virtual experiences! Add your favourite tools to interact and gather responses via lead generation, signup, and feedback forms. Embed the virtual experience on your website or use your own landing page without purchasing a domain. Create a Zoom event that people will remember and enjoy!

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#1: Integrate lead generation forms​

Simultaneously run your Zoom event and gather responses via lead generation, signup, and feedback forms. The audience will remain engaged in the event and complete the form without needing to leave the event.

1. Add your Zoom meeting or webinar link to doWow playlist using our native Zoom integration feature;

2. Use iframe feature to embed your form (Typeform, Google or WordPress forms) by simply pasting the form link into the search field;

3. Create your page layout – draw the tiles and add your Zoom meeting and your form by clicking on the tiles. Learn how to get started with your first media wall.

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#2: Plug in social media feeds​

By integrating Twitter or Instagram feeds together with your Zoom webinars, you can boost user-generated content and hashtag relevance. Run social media contests and encourage your audience to share your event on social media:

  1. Choose Twitter or Instagram as a content source
  2. Type a specific hashtag you’re looking for in the search bar (alternatively, you can search for Twitter content without using hashtag)
  3. Filter your search by choosing to see retweets, images or videos only
  4. Choose Twitter posts and add them to your playlist by clicking on +
  5. Moderate your playlist items using +
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#3: Add collaborative spaces​

Zoom is great, but the collaboration options are limited. Fortunately, you are not restricted in your choices. doWow allows you to hook up tools such as Miro boards or AirTable for collaborative sessions such as seminars, workshops or brainstorming sessions. 

In order to add a Miro board to your Zoom meeting or webinar, simply extract the embed code link of your Miro board and add it to your layout using the iframe feature.

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#4: Embed your e-commerce shop​

Planning a product showcase, tutorial or campaign? Embedding your webshop right next to your Zoom meeting will enable your audience to purchase products easily – no need to scroll or leave the event page, you can sell as you host the meeting.

To embed your e-commerce shop or product pages, use our iframe feature (link to How to integrate iframes):

1. Create your event page layout, add Zoom meeting or webinar

2. Allocate a tile for your product page(s)

3. Using iframe feature, paste the link to your product page (make sure your webshop allows iframing). 

Video tutorial: 4 Zoom hacks for event managers

Follow this tutorial to make your Zoom events do WOW. It takes only a few steps!

Check our YouTube channel to get more hacks for digital event managers!

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