AI Billboards:
True personalization for your marketing

True Personalization

Intelligent Avatars to Deliver Personalized Communication

Utilize AI that moderates, supports, and guides your audience. The AI adapts to individual needs and user desires, providing personalized content, guiding through processes, giving tips, and making customized offers in real time. They address each user personally, creating a unique experience. 

Position your AI where it matters.
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Virtual Assistant
Brand Ambassodor


Accessibility and Interaction for Maximum Engagement

Enable authentic interaction and capture user data, generate leads, and drive purchases directly from the billboard.

Provide an inclusive experience – your audiences can choose to interact through both text and voice input and output.

Ensure your message is conveyed effectively and inclusively in every format. Trust us to deliver your high quality videos, images, embed forms, webpages, and calls to action.


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We build your AI billboard in 2-4 weeks, ensuring optimal placement and campaign guidance. For urgent events, a prototype is available in 7 days.

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