Nov 1, 2023

doWow Wins European Metaverse Award for the “Most Impactful Marketing Campaign: Big Brands” with 7+ Million Impressions, a Berlin-based studio dedicated to crafting immersive events, brand experiences and marketing campaigns across web2 and web3 platforms, , received the “Most Impactful Marketing Campaign – Big Brand” award at the European Metaverse Summit & Awards. This award recognizes doWow’s role in delivering remarkable results for the Unilever’s Magnum #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse campaign at Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week 2023.

During the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023, hosted in Decentraland, doWow’s proprietary broadcasting tool generated over 7 million impressions for the fashion week and Magnum campaign content, and provided viewers with a  way to interact with branded content, wearables, social media coverage, and teleport to Fashion Week’s activations. 

In collaboration with The Brand Father, an Amsterdam-based creative marketing agency, launched Unilever’s Magnum #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse campaign at the Fashion Week, featuring a captivating short film displayed on doWow billboards.The campaign featured a virtual avatar, Luna, who was in pursuit of real-world Magnum ice cream. doWow broadcasting system displayed the campaign assets (high-quality video and static visuals) and allowed users to teleport to the campaign’s official website by clicking on the video. 

Within the virtual scenes, strategically placed virtual avatars personifying the Magnum campaign characters to promote the brand during the festival. It’s noteworthy that this campaign transcended metaverse boundaries, being prominently displayed not only in Decentraland but also in Ozone Metaverse.

Overall, the impact of’s billboards was significant, generating over 7.8 million impressions and more than 50,000 interactions during the Fashion Week. This vividly illustrates the immense potential of the metaverse as an effective advertising channel. The partnership marked a turning point in the utilization of broadcasting technology to enrich user experience in Decentraland and provide an effective way for brand advertising, laying a foundation for future innovations in metaverse broadcasting.

“This project has significantly enhanced the Decentraland event experience and has paved the way for our community and partners to leverage high-quality broadcasting within the metaverse,” said Iara Dias, Partnerships at Decentraland.

Pushing Boundaries and Embracing the Future

Matthew Tuccio, Co-Founder of doWow, expressed his enthusiasm about the studio’s continuous journey of exploration: We’re set on pushing the boundaries further, enhancing gamification and interactivity for brand campaigns and events in the metaverse. We’re excited to continue exploring innovative ways to engage audiences, including AI-powered brand avatars and billboards.” 


doWow is a Berlin-based studio dedicated to crafting immersive events, captivating brand experiences and marketing campaigns across Web2 and Web3 platforms. doWow specializes in interactive broadcasting, harnessing AI for smarter brand content delivery, and providing actionable performance insights. We empower creators, brands, agencies, with high quality services and intuitive solutions to implement their ideas.