Berlin Recycling Volleys

Building a Dynamic Content Hub: Berlin Recycling Volleys Engage Fans and Enhance Brand Management through Live Marketing

Assisting Berlin Recycling Volleys, a German sports club established in 1991 and located in Berlin, we facilitated their transition to live marketing for enhanced brand management and fan engagement. By establishing a centralized “hub,” we seamlessly integrated professional and user-generated content, creating a dynamic platform for the club. This approach allowed for real-time interactions with fans and ensured immediate brand visibility. Berlin Recycling Volleys, known for their participation in the Bundesliga and the prestigious CEV Champions League, benefited from our support in establishing a robust marketing strategy that connected them directly with their audience.

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Berlin Recycling Volleys

Berlin Recycling Volleys is a German sports club founded in 1991 and based in Berlin. The Berlin Recycling men’s volleyball team plays in the Bundesliga and the CEV Champions League. We assisted Berlin Recycling Volleys in switching to live marketing for immediate brand management & engagement with fans through building a “hub” for the integration of professional and user-generated content.
Date: 2018 | 2019
Format: Live Event
Location: Berlin | Germany
Size: 200,000+ Viewers
Focus: Sports Event
Industry: Sport | Championships
Berlin Recycling Volleys

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