Sound & Search: Live Music and Egg Hunt Extravaganza

Cross-metaverse egg hunt: Elevating engagement through gamification

Discover how doWow and Vita TV created the live music and egg hunt metaverse event that combined interactive challenges, live DJ sessions, and cross-metaverse gamified experiences.

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Sound & Search: Live Music and Egg Hunt Extravaganza

The community event took place in Decentraland and Ozone Metaverse, bringing together music enthusiasts, gamers, and NFT aficionados for an evening of live DJ performances by DJ TRAX and StoneyEye and an egg hunt game to win Waifumon NFTs and DCL Games wearables.
Date: August 22nd-24th, 2023
Format: Online
Location: Decentraland, Ozone Metaverse
Size: 60+ attendees
Focus: Metaverse
Industry: Metaverse | Music & Gaming
Sound & Search: Live Music and Egg Hunt Extravaganza

Brands involved


Craft an engaging community event that blends gamification with live content streaming in the metaverse, through doWow screens.


A four-day event with live-music and a cross-metaverse egg hunt

Cross-platform broadcasting

To extend the reach, doWow, Vita TV, and DJ TRAX broadcasted live DJ sessions from Decentraland into other metaverse platforms, websites, and social media.

doWow virtual screens, placed across platforms & Decentraland parcels, allowed to expand the event’s reach and for attendees to enjoy a truly immersive experience.

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Metaverse Gamification

During the event, doWow virtual billboards hosted an egg hunt, guiding players through clues & riddles across Decentraland and Ozone Metaverse.

The hunt culminated in an exhilarating game by Dr. DCL, where participants ascended a tower to unlock a secret room filled with NFT and wearable rewards.

AI-empowered interactivity

We’ve designed an InWorld AI character to engage with players and interact with the game content on doWow virtual screens during the egg hunt.

An AI-powered NPC, embodying the legendary tennis star Arthur Ashe, presented participants with riddles, guiding them to the next egg hunt location. The NPC added surprise and depth, enhancing the dynamism and engagement of the egg hunt.

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