How Droidcon broadcast interactive content on 10+ DOOH screens using doWow

Droidcon, one of the largest Android developer events in the world, engaged their live audiences with live streams, calls-to-action, sponsor and partner content, and social media feeds at their venues in Berlin, San Francisco, and London using doWow software.

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Use case:

Droidcon events are the place to meet the international Android community, learn from expert speakers about the latest Android advances, and see new technologies. Our partnership with Droidcon, the largest Android developer community, has been going on since 2017. Together with their team, we set up interactive media walls at the Berlin, London, and San Francisco event venues. We aimed to drive social media interaction, highlight sponsors and partners, and inform attendees about each stage’s agenda.
Date: 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2021 / 2022
Location: Berlin, Germany | London, UK | San Francisco, USA
Event type: Live
Size: 1300+ developers
Category: Conference
Industry: Mobile | Android Development
Main Sponsors
Droidcon Berlin 2022


Droidcon's main asset is its worldwide community of thousands. Engaging with their audience and connecting them with sponsors and partners is extremely important for Droidcon in-person events.

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A network of 10+ venue screens with 100% custom layout and interactive content moderated in real-time.

Custom layout

One of the main advantages of our media wall is that it can handle all types and sizes of screens without compromising on the quality of the content. The doWow system served both large projectors and smaller TV screens at Droidcon seamlessly.

Moreover, our screen editor allowed us to integrate all types of content Droidcon wanted to showcase – from sponsor content to interactive agendas and photos.

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Droidcon live interaction

Live Moderation

You don’t need a large team to moderate your event with doWow. Our system is such that even 1 person can moderate content on 10+ screens.

With just one click, you can switch, delete, update, and add new content. Easily manage any last-minute changes, such as partners wanting to add something extra to their content. The user interface makes it easy to locate the right screen to update and make quick changes.

All content goes through the moderator first, so there’s no risk of unauthorized content appearing.

Engagement & interaction

During Droidcon events, Twitter is the main channel for engaging the community.

In the course of the conference, user-generated content was broadcast on all screens. We encouraged attendees to tweet more by showing their content on the screens, which reinforced engagement for the event hashtag.

Droidcon projector 1 SM feed