Using venue screens to create a hybrid event experience at Droidcon.

Using doWow software, we enabled the largest Android developer event, Droidcon, to present live streams, calls-to-action, sponsor and partner content, and social media feeds across multiple digital screens at the venue.

Droidcon Conference
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venue screens
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Use case:

Droidcon is a series of commercial conferences, focused on software development for Google’s Android smartphone framework. We worked with the Droidcon team to set up interactive media wall screens across the venue to encourage attendees to participate in social media interactions, expose sponsors and partners of the event and inform attendees about the event agenda.
Date: 2017 / 2018 / 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany & San Francisco, USA
Event type: Online
Size: 1300+ developers
Category: Conference
Industry: Mobile | Android Development
Main Sponsors
droidcon Berlin supported by dowow media walls at the venue.


Now that in-person events are coming back (yay! ), it's important to have a great venue experience for both sponsors and attendees.