Update Deutschland

Creating an interactive online event space for a virtual hackathon.

Learn how Update Deutschland hackathon gathered 6.000+ unique users and reached 20+ minutes engagement time, using doWow proprietary media wall software.

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Update Deutschland

Update Deutschland is a 48-hours digital sprint that gathered thousands of citizens, activists, founders, developers, decision-makers from the federal, state and local governments to tackle multiple challenges posed by the pandemic in Germany.
Date: May 19–21,2021
Format: Online
Location: Germany
Size: 6,000+ attendees
Focus: Hackathon
Industry: Impact-driven | virtual event
Update Deutschland

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Help Update Deutschland host interactive, user-centric and failproof virtual event in less than a fortnight.


  • With the participation of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other high-level Government and Industry speakers, the Update-Deutschland event page had to be 100% fail-proof, GDPR-compliant, and able to serve millions of user requests simultaneously;
  • The busy agenda required extensive live moderation – switching seamlessly between calls to action, content, and communication channels with a clear user journey to direct attendees’ attention to interactive elements essential in keeping attendees engaged throughout the 48-hours event;
  • The Update Deutschland organizers wanted to have a unique look and feel for an event and make it inclusive, especially for hearing-impaired individuals.


100% customizable, secure and interactive virtual hackathon pages with live moderation, interchangeable functionality, and technical support.

Unique layout

Using our proprietary media wall system, we designed a custom layout for the Update Deutschland hackathon. Each tile on our media wall was interactive and hosted a multitude of content including YouTube, live streams, Zoom, Instagram & Twitter feeds, agendas, Typeform, CTAs, sponsored links, and social backlinks.

URL hosting & GDPR

To ensure fail-proof event page performance, we ran the virtual event via our infrastructure which is tried and tested to handle millions of simultaneous requests via the unique URL chosen by the Update Deutschland team. Using sandboxing by design, we were able to relay all traffic in a tightly controlled environment to ensure a greater level of privacy and protection for attendees and organizers alike.

Hearing-impaired access

To provide a focused event experience for hearing-impaired individuals, a CTA was integrated on the main page that led to a unique media wall with text and slogans as well as a unique live stream dedicated to the hearing-impaired via sign language.

Live moderation

Our media wall system allows users to switch, update, add or delete content or even change the page layout without a page refresh no matter where the viewer is. We can control the live narrative with extra-low latency. This allows us to easily moderate and swap content according to the agenda, live stream audio, or even last-minute partner requests.

Engagement & interaction

We placed various CTAs and backlinks behind the tiles of the media wall so that key information like FAQs or list of challenges was just a click away.

We integrated Typeform and an interactive agenda to allow participants to engage, sign up, or view a detailed schedule while watching the live stream without leaving the event forum.

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