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How to integrate Zoom meetings on your website on a free doWow plan

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Get creative with your Zoom meetings.

doWow is a tool that allows you to integrate live Zoom meetings and webinars on your own website without coding. It takes only one minute to set it all up.

This tutorial explains how to embed Zoom meetings and webinars on doWow’s free plan. If you want to run your embedded Zoom meeting for over 30 mins and gain access to more features, check this page that explains how Zoom embed works on paid doWow plans.

Tutorial: Zoom Integration

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Step 1

Copy your Zoom meeting or webinar link.

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Step 2

Create a new playlist on the media wall and paste your Zoom link.

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Step 3

Design your own media wall. Then drag the Zoom playlist to the place you want.

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Step 4

Embed the media wall on your website. Now you’re ready to run Zoom Meetings on your own website!

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