Frauenfeld Festival

Growing the online reach of Europe's biggest hip-hop music festival.

Frauenfeld, the largest open-air festival in Switzerland and the largest hip-hop music festival in Europe, attracts approximately 150,000 people annually. With the help of doWow, Frauenfeld’s reach increased to one million online visitors.

Frauenfeld Music Festival
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Frauenfeld Festival

Frauenfeld is the biggest Hip-Hop Festival in Europe attracting with an annual turnout of around 150,000 people. We helped Frauenfeld reach over 1 million visitors online by creating and placing our media wall with live streams, user-generated and sponsored content on their webpage.
Date: July 5–7, 2018
Format: Live
Location: Frauenfeld | Switzerland
Size: 150,000+ attendees
Focus: Festival
Industry: Music | Festival
Frauenfeld Festival

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