Tag der deutschen Industrie (TDI)

TDI: Empowering German Industry Through Dynamic Networking and Inspiring Content

The “Tag der deutschen Industrie (TDI)” or Day of German Industry unites current domestic politics and international perspectives, entrepreneurial practice and economic analyses, inspiring impulses and stimulating networking. We helped TDI to expose all event-related content (from graphics to social media updates to stage live streams) across the venue and showcased selected content online.

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Tag der deutschen Industrie (TDI)

The “Tag der deutschen Industrie (TDI)” or Day of German Industry is an event that brings together various aspects of the domestic and international business landscape. It serves as a platform where current political developments in Germany, entrepreneurial strategies, economic analyses, and global perspectives converge. Our team assisted TDI in effectively presenting all event-related content, including graphics, social media updates, and live streams of stage performances, throughout the venue. Additionally, we curated and highlighted specific content online, enabling a broader audience to engage with the event and its discussions. This comprehensive approach aimed to provide inspiring insights, foster networking opportunities, and generate meaningful interactions within the industry.
Date: 2018
Format: Live Event
Location: Berlin | Germany
Size: 1000+ Attendees
Focus: Conference
Industry: Politics
Tag der deutschen Industrie (TDI)

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