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Enhance your events with Zoom Integration for WordPress and more: Unveiling our new features

New Features

New features to transform your Zoom events

With our latest update, you can seamlessly integrate Zoom on mobile devices, embed and manage multiple Zoom meetings and webinars simultaneously, add your brand logo, and integrate Zoom with WordPress or any other website builder.

Zoom Events

Zoom integration for mobile

Make your Zoom meetings and webinars accessible on mobile devices. Whether your attendees or speakers are using Android or iOS, they'll be able to participate. Broaden your reach and simplify the join-in process.
Zoom Events

Running multiple Zoom sessions simultaneously

Conveniently integrate several Zoom meetings and webinars across multiple website pages simultaneously. Whether you’re running a single event with several sessions or coordinating multiple ones for various customers, this new feature will simplify your event management process
Zoom Events

Embed Zoom on any website

Coding shouldn't be a barrier between your event and your audience. Our latest update enables you to integrate Zoom with WordPress or any other website builder easily. All you need to do is to insert the automatically generated embed code into your webpage.
Zoom Events

Custom brand experience

Your brand deserves the spotlight. Add your brand's logo at the end of every Zoom session to enhance your brand's visibility.

The new Zoom features help you to

Increase in Organic Traffic
+ 1 %
attendee engagement
1 x
increase in user retention
+ 1 %

Case study: DAIN amplifies meetup engagement through embedded Zoom event

Over 500 people attended the first-ever Helsinki Data Science Meetup about Data Science in Gaming. 80% of the participants joined the meetup virtually via the doWow media wall, hosted on DAIN Studios website.

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“From now on we are focusing on a hybrid event strategy to foster the exchange. Events play a very important role to create the exchange but also grow the community beyond the existing borders. By using doWow media walls we can create a more immersive experience for the audience.

Tizian Kronsbein
Tizian Kronsbein

Head of DAIN Academy at DAIN Studios