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Helsinki Data Science Meetup

This was the biggest Helsinki Data Science Meetup to date!

More than 500 people attended the first-ever Helsinki Data Science Meetup about Data Science in Gaming. 80% of the participants joined the meetup virtually via the doWow media wall, hosted by DAIN Studios.

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Helsinki Data Science Meetup

In November 2021, DAIN Studios hosted its Helsinki Data Science Meetup in a hybrid format. More than 500 individuals participated in the event virtually via the doWow media wall hosted on DAIN Studios‘ website. This was the largest Helsinki Data Science Meetup to date.
Date: November 24th, 2021
Format: Hybrid
Location: Helsinki | Finland
Size: 500+
Focus: Meetup
Industry: Gaming | Data Science
Helsinki Data Science Meetup
Helsinki Data Science Meetup

Brands involved


Support DAIN Studios in bringing their flagship Helsinki Data Science Meetup online.


  • Support DAIN Studios in bringing their flagship Helsinki Data Science Meetup online
  • Augmenting the content from speakers & driving action to CTAs
  • Creating a more immersive experience while familiarizing the audience with DAIN’s website


1500+ unique sessions on doWow media wall embedded on DAIN’s website.

Setting up a live streaming strategy

Live streaming of DAIN’s webinar was carried out by OBS. Our choice was to incorporate Restream to add on social media channels, while embedding the stream into the media wall on DAIN’s website.

Feedback form integration

The DAIN media wall also integrated a feedback form for attendees so that they could watch the content in full and fill out the form simultaneously. The form received 25+ responses in just five minutes!

Direct Zoom webinar website embed

Zoom webinar was used to live-stream the event from Supercell’s Helsinki office. The DoWow media wall made it easy for online viewers to view Zoom webinar directly on DAIN’s website. The live stream hosted on DAIN’s website retained viewers for over 40 minutes, generating quality traffic.

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Features used for Helsinki Data Science Meetup